Roofing Services in El Cajon

It is remarkable how many people come together to help each other in time of need.  We El-cajon-roofing-servicerecently needed our roof fixed over here in El Cajon and unfortunately it just wasn’t the best time for this situation to happen but with all the rain we’ve been experiencing this year, it had to be done.

We are very fortunate that the owner of El Cajon Roofing is one very nice person because he was willing to do a trade with us for our digital creation work in exchange for his roofing services.  So we were able to repair the holes in our roof that were causing leaks into our attic and our ceiling. Thank the lord too because we really needed it as you can see from the picture, we recently had some major work done on our roof and we needed these renovations done for a long time by looking at the house of the roof in the picture alone!  You should have seen the inside, but on the other hand, I am really glad you didn’t! :)

I just wanted to do a quick shout out to El Cajon Roofing for being there for us in time of need.  I hope that the good will is returned to him and his business ten-fold for helping us out tremendously.  Local business owners such as myself and the owner of El Cajon Roofing in Southern California really need all the help we can get because it is not easy as most people think.  Actually, owning your very own business can be rather difficult at times.

There’s management and leadership that needs to be done, and people almost always end up despising the leader because he must make changes and sacrifices of his “good person” look for the betterment of the business.  This is something we have been experiencing lately and it is just astronomical the amount of time and effort you can spend on your business to only see minimal changes.

People have to “give a crap” and over here unlike the roofing services that El Cajon Roofing company in El Cajon provides. His roofing contractors in El Cajon are very well trained and they are on board with the owner’s vision and passion.  I think he has a deal worked out with them some how whereas they are paid based on the work that they do, and pay the owner for licensing.  Either way, the business model just really seems to work for all parties of the business and he has seen a pick up in business over the past several years.

So once again, we are thankful to El Cajon roofing and roof contractor services for being able to give us quality service on a trade basis and showing us what leadership and a great business model really means in 2015.  As you can see from the picture we have posted, our building really needed the extra help to make it more efficient because it was really hurting beforehand.

As we all move into 2015, I hope we just remember to possible be a little bit nicer to the business owners that you meet with on a regular basis, the cab driver who picks you up possibly, or even the tech support guy who answers on the other end of the phone with a bad accent.  They are all people too, and it doesn’t matter if you work in digital processing and graphic design, a roofing business, or something else along those lines, they are all still real breathing people.

Post-work, our roof is working great. We’ve been sheltered from the rain and will hopefully not suffer any more water damage to our ceiling or the objects in our attic.  The roofing work done by the contractor seems very solid and like it will last a long time.  It’s nice they didn’t skim work because of the trading option we opted for, it will help us both a lot in the long term as we will be managing their digital templates from now on and they’ve built a roof for us that will last for a long time.


After they finished

If you’re out here in El Cajon area and need some roofing work done, definitely reach out to them and I’m sure they will be able to meet you somewhere in the middle that is comparable or better to the other roofing services out here in El Cajon.


Limo San Diego

So now that we’ve moved to San Diego and are working with the local community, I’ve been going to public city meetings and gatherings to talk about local marketing and business ideas to conjugate our Digital Day Creative ideas. Surprisingly I came across someone who owns a really good San Diego limo service.

At meeting I met with the owner for Limo San Diego and we were able to chat for quite a while about the local community.

I was extremely intrigued to meet Ryan, the owner of the business and how eccentric he was about his limo rental service. Quite a reputation he has around here and what a polite person.

So, from his San Diego limo experience he is willing to help us out to get Digital Day up and running locally in the new community.

As I was going for a jog the other day, I actually ran into him again in town and we were able to talk. He was informing me he just purchased two new limos, one is a new hummer, and another limo that is absolutely gorgeous. His limo service in San Diego is extremely complimentary to normal San Diego limo services.

He says he is “for your business it is most important to bring the utmost quality to the customer” for which he is right it’s no wonder his limo service San Diego is making headway

It is baffling to see this young person really striking up a local business that is really beginning to take off helping many local San Diegans with their limo needs for weddings and other formal arrangements.

I have a lot of respect for him, and since speaking after seeing him randomly on the street, we have decided to work together.

We will be offering coupling event for San Diego Limousine and also for Digital Day Creatives at our new location in La Jolla, off Pearl St. and Fay Ave.

Get ready because on January 17th, we will be holding a meet and greet with free food for all of our customers! Bring everyone you know. Ryan from San Diego Limousine will of course be there as well offering discounted limo rides.

This is gearing up to be one event you will not want to miss! And you’ll definitely wan to check out his limo service in San Diego as well.

San Diego Limousine at Balboa Park

San Diego Limousine at Balboa Park

While you are there don’t forget to ask about our 15% off promotion we will being doing January 17th. All you have to do is mention it, and that you saw it on our website for 15% any of your digital creations. When you need a great limo service in San Diego, definitely check it out.

This is collaboration effort between local companies and you will surely want to be there. We will have a limo out front so when you see it know it is time to come get some free food for a meet-and-greet.

We look forward to seeing you!

Digital Day Creative

We are bringing back the day of digital creation. This time we come back, we want to go further than ever before.

Please feel free to enjoy the many pictures that will be arriving all over the site and feel free to use them as you wish (please place a credit to us! We would really appreciate it).

We are expanding the horizons to local businesses and sharing images that can be used freely by all.

As we will only share limited work, visit our parent site to view pictures that are available for purchase or if you would like professional pictures taken for you.

That is totally fine and a service we gladly provide. Check out our parent website right here.

You may also note that we have changed our privacy policy. If you would like to view the new terms, please do. Just a heads up to everyone out there.

There will be a lot of new pictures updated shortly and we are planning on having a healthy thriving community of people who flourish together here, sharing stories, pictures, and helping one another.

We have moved locations from Hawaii to San Diego and plan on doing big things in our community. I hope to bring you the best in photography for what the world has to offer. We will be working overtime to catch up and get back on schedule immediately.

Looking forward to creating the beautiful Digital Day Creative!! photo